To Send Faulty Products Back for RMA


  • Follow the instructions on the site to enter the purchase dates, invoice numbers and serial numbers. Please note that physical damage is not a hardware fault so will obviously not be covered by the 12 months warranty.


  • Please make sure you put the exact fault of the products otherwise the actual fault may not be tested e.g. If you return a Windows Mini PC to us without listing the actual fault; since we cannot test for every possible function, we are likely to only turn on the box and make sure that it connects and start up ok. If the actual fault is say wireless connection dropping after 30 minutes then that would have been missed and we will send that product back to you with “No Fault Found” and you would have wasted carriage. So, it is vitally important that the actual fault is clearly detailed.


  • Once all the details are correctly entered, the system will generate an automatic RMA number which you need to put on the outside of the box and sent back to us.


  • We will either replace the faulty products or issue you a credit note for its value.


  • Once we have received the products back, it is tested and the serial numbers checked against date of purchase. Average turnaround for testing is around 15 – 20 working days except for CPU & HDD (See below).


  • If the faulty product is CPU or HDD, you may want to contact the manufacturer directly as they tend to be more quicker and give more leeway in terms of 12 months warranty.