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Our Mission

To bring high quality, great value alternatives to major tech products to our customer.

About us

MT Components Ltd was established in 1995 when we opened a small unit on a industrial estate in Telford.

Our aim was to cover a gap in the market providing computer components and optical media to the growing PC market in the UK. We invested everything into that first container and have since continued to look for new products that can make a difference, whilst still supporting the PC sellers that were our first customers.

Things grew rapidly and soon we moved to a much bigger 6,000 sq ft. base in Birmingham.

We then went on to earn sole distribution rights for several important manufactures such as Asrock and Tsunami. Demand continued to grow, and due to the experiences we had gained we looked to produce our own products as well as bring in other manufacturers’ goods to drive the company forward.

We then moved to our current home, a giant 30,000 sq ft. premise just off the M6 motorway in the heart of the West Midlands. From this location we can provide the fastest logistics services around the UK and operate our first retail site.

In 2003 the Sumvision brand was created to which we remain the official first world-wide trade distributor. Sumvision provide a fantastic range of low cost high quality products to consumers. Working on the design, marketing and sales in the UK and in close collaboration with our factories in Asia, we seek to strengthen our audio and gaming options and produce class leading products. It was at this point we developed a new brand called PSYC Sound – a division of Sumvison.

The PSYC Sound and Sumvision gaming series offer great quality at a superb price and have earned several awards and best seller rankings on many retail platforms. One such product is the Sumvision Monic Bluetooth Speaker that won best Bluetooth speaker of 2016*.

MT Components Ltd will continue to seek products that will make a positive difference in consumers daily lives, and offer a great service for all our customers.

MT Components Ltd